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Safest & Sexiest

The 5 scientific rules you can tap into, to create instant chemistry with a woman during a date!

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Chapter Breakdown

The 1 universal thing that ANY man can get (or already has deep down) that women lust after!

The safest (and sexiest) way to flirt with beautiful women with out having the fear of rejection!

5 scientific rules

Killing a cold date

Why most guys fail at flirting and why other men get all the women in the world with ease? 

The 1 thing that kills a cold date, and how to make sure it never happens to you!

Conversation topics

Creative Confusion

What is “creative confusion” and how can it help you score dates without awkwardness?

Conversation topics that are toxic to your chances of getting her into bed, or even on a second date!

Flirting & Why

Why your genetics

Why your genetics (and bone structure) have nothing to do with your success on a date!

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